Bad things always come in three

The other day I went to visit a donkey project. People here treat animals very badly, so an Austrian man decided to start a project to heal the donkeys. Two years ago he hired a veterinary and they started to heal the donkeys coming to the water reservoirs in Nouakchott.
It’s a nice project and the donkeys really need someone to take care of them. Those of you who read this blog regularly knows how much donkeys here suffer.

Afterwards I went with a friend into town, on our way the car slid in the sand and another car bumped into the side I was on. Luckily both were driving very slowly so no harm was done to me, but car got a small bump. The drivers were shouting to each other and… yeah. Eventually we got going again.

Later on when I was at the market buying oranges (they are great here! Not like in Europe but so much nicer, though still pretty expensive) the man I bought them from ran out onto the road and screamed at a guy. Some other men from just down the road also came up and shouted at him. I wondered what was going on, and the selling man said he had put his hand in my bag. I didn’t notice.

As I took a taxi back home that day, the clutch broke down. Luckily not far from home, I walked a hundred meters so it was still ok. But I’ve learnt, bad things always come in three.

My couch surfing-hosts moved to a new apartment today and I moved with them. I’ve stayed with them for a month now, and I could stay another month. I’m already planning my trip back to Mauritania.


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