The chaos of sound.

The happiest day of my life (this far) was when a big production company at home told me they want to buy a radio documentary from me. A documentary about children slavery in Mauritania.
Oh My Word how I was jumping around laughing to myself for five minutes. Then reality struck me. I have never made anything close to a radio documentary before. A few short reportage’s, sure, but forty minutes one subject exciting interesting gripping….. no.

It’s ten to three in the morning and I’ve got some sort of flow of nightly creativity in my mind and body. From a chaos of hours of sounds and interviews a small stream of words is finding the shape of … of what?

Challenges enrich our lives.


Cook some food!

I will donate a recipe. It’s Mauritanian food inspired by my friends and experiences.

Food!For one person.

1 large potato
1 small onion
a tin of 70 grams tomato paste

Chop the onion fine and heat the oil gently in a pot. Add the onion and salt and cook until the onion is soft.
Add the tomato paste and chop the potato. Stir a bit before adding the potato and enough water to cover the potato pieces.
Cook for ten to fifteen minutes. When the potato is soft it’s ready. Add some more spices if you want to, but I like it pretty plain. Great with some bread and big glass of water.

You can add corn, carrots, aubergine or whatever vegetables you like. But this is a nice base to start with.