Searching for religion

I needed to live with Islam all around myself. That is why I travelled to Mauritania. I did not know that at the time, but now it is clear to me.

Growing up I was surrounded by christianity and growing up I have come to visit many different churches, sects and lived in periods with extremes in different directions.

Religion is also why I came to India. Now that I had seen all from masses praying on streets to Allah to Christians going crazy screaming, jumping and fainting in the try to reach God. Now I needed to reach myself. My own belief that I have carried with me through life but never fully understood.

Now I live at an ashram, meditate, pray and yoga every day. My prayers go to nature, not to any specific God and not within the framework of any religion. It is simply prayers to the spirits around us, to the godly nature and the sky above us.
India explained to me what it is that I have tried to put words to and explain all my life. We are spirits.


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