Chocolate to balance your chakras

My first night in Wroclaw I met a local woman from couch surfing who invited me to have a drink. After checking out a number of places, all being too crowded, did we end up at a small Hindu inspired café, only serving vegetarian and vegan things. I decided to come back many times while here, but I could never find the way. Until now.

After nearly two weeks in Wroclaw I decided that I HAD to find this place again, I walked up and down the streets, could not remember the name of the place and daylight it looked so different.

Today as the sun set I was lost in the other end of the city. For some reason I’d decided to see as much of town as I can before Saturday, when I leave. When darkness fell I saw myself defeated and took a tram back to rynek. Finally in a place where I sort of know my way around I decided to find the café. In the dark it was easy. Almost too easy. So now I am sitting here, with a thick hot chocolate and a warm vegan tomato-sandwich, a big picture of Vishnu beside me and I am happy. So very happy. Next time in Wroclaw, I’m gonna be a regular here. Is cheap, cosy, spiritual and just perfect. Kala-chakra, right next to Kalambur. It’s actually the same place, and if you want alcohol you just go to Kalambur to buy and bring it in here.


“I don’t understand you”

The lady in front of me looks just like Piglet; light pink face with a small mouth and cute nose, wearing an old-pink dress. She is short and round. She is also talking. To me. In Polish.

She is smiling, I am nodding and giving her a big smile back. Wondering if I have to understand her words or if she’s just joking a little, the words themselves not being that important. I do that all the time. Nod and smile.