About me

“I admire her for being so young and so brave. Travel with little
money and trust that fate will give you what you need. Very few women dare
to go alone the world like her. She visits the places that tourists ignored
and board material for future books.”

– Alberto, fellow surfer

My name is Monica. I’m a journalist.
I want to give the people a voice that echoes throughout the world, how ever that might sound to you. It’s the reason why I chose to study journalism and it’s the reason I travel.

I’m a travel-addict. I can’t stay in one place for long. My home country is Sweden and the only reason I’m staying there from time to time is to rest and earn money to travel again.

During my last trip to Africa I was doing a lot of work as a freelancer, but it never really became visible here. Mostly because of my paranoia, “what if the wrong people read this? The ones that can put a stick into my wheel?” During spring 2013 you can follow my trip in west Africa. I will bring you breathtaking scenery and describe the daily work of a freelance journalist. Because that is what I think we all need right now; honest words about the struggles and winnings to show the world.


7 thoughts on “About me

  1. This is Amazing Monica. Really like your outlook and perspective on writing and traveling.

    As a writer for a profession, I too have the exact same question, “What if the wrong people read this?” What if I say something too personal that I don’t want the whole world to know? And what if employers or future people I work with or for misinterpret what I’m writing now? so many what ifs. But I find several things happen, humanity in general has such a short memory that they soon forget, so just have fun, keep on living life on the edge, don’t let it get to you or don’t let anyone bring you down. Keep up that positive attitude throughout your travels!

  2. Love it Monica…wonderful insights into the lands you explore, the people & real experiences. Its inspiriing. Came across your site while searching Mauritania… places, safety, stories. Am heading that way on my motorbike & keen to get inland a bit towards atar, ouadane. Also thinking about possibly some kind of recording project while in the country…would be cool to talk more w you if around (email is keenan.simon@ gmail. com)…probably arrive there later in the wk. happy full travels!

    • Hi Simon! Sounds awesome. I have lots of advises and tips for you, I’ll send you an e-mail. Ouadane is a fantastic place, you shouldn’t miss out on it.

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