“Monkeys here are naughty”

I left the door open to let in some more air into my little chamber and went towards the bathrooms and showers.
The cold water wasn’t cold but I felt somewhat fresher as I came back. Rashi was sitting on the floor outside.

“Here is a sheet for your bed, I forgot to give it to you.” he said. “and be careful, close your door and lock it when you leave your room. The monkeys here are very naughty, they can come inside and steal something. You must be aware of the monkeys.”

That’s something I didn’t think about.

The bed is hard and so is the pillow. The walls are painted purple (just like in Mauritania!), floor grey and both the small door and window are green and yellow (the Mauritanian colours!). Just outside the ashram the Ganges is flowing by, filled with water and peace.

Yes, I went to India. Here, I can relax.



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