The Indian visa

“Religion” and “Visible identification marks” are compulsory fields. What do I write? I’m Swedish. I’m a member of the Swedish church, but I’ve never believed in Christianity. So, am I a “christian”? Am I an “other”? And what about the identification marks? “Blond hair with blueish eyes, hair one side long, one side short.” Is that enough?
I write I’m christian without identification marks.

Applying for an Indian visa was way more difficult than I thought it would be. They want to know if I’m married or not, my parents names and the places of their births… and under “present occupation” housewife is actually an option. And of course the politics, “Were your Grandfather/ Grandmother (paternal/maternal) Pakistan Nationals or Belong to Pakistan held area?”

And then they want to know countries visited in the last ten years, but after ten countries there is no more space in the box and a pop-up window tells me i have to stop writing. So I only wrote European countries plus South Africa, the last one on the first place as a little flirt.

Education qualification: “Professional.” “Post graduate.” or “Illiterate.”
I’m officially an unemployed former post graduate student. It sounds so depressing. It’s during moments like these I realize all the ways I don’t fit into the square that society has made up. But it will be worth it in the end. Two weeks devoted to yoga and another way of living. I’m not going until August, but I am going and that thrills both my mind and my body.
Let’s just hope I get the visa.


5 thoughts on “The Indian visa

  1. Had to giggle at “little flirt”.
    A month in an ayurvedic retreat is actually on my bucket list.
    Good luck with the visa application!

    • I hope your bucket list becomes reality, I can’t wait to go. And I really believe that everyone should, at least once in a lifetime.
      Thank you! “any fault in this application may lead to unapproval of your application, and you might not ever again receive an indian visa.” or something like that was the last thing the form said. omg….

      • They’ll never win “best yoga retreat 2013” with officious twaddle like that in their forms! hehehe
        On that note, I am sure you have nothing to be concerned about – the scary jargon is probably just there to stop the Brits getting any mad Empire-building urges.

      • Couldn’t stop myself from laughing there, I hope you’re right hey. Otherwise I’ll just start my own yoga retreat in the Mauritanian dessert!

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