Sleeping at airports

Tomorrow I will arrive back home. But first, there is a decision I need to take. The gate closes at 5:25 in the morning, and at that time the metro isn’t running in Paris (where I have spent the last three days).

So. I will have to walk to the bus-station (half an hour away) at three in the morning (no point in sleeping then). OR, I take the last tram (around half past midnight) and catch the bus to the airport at one am and catch two or three hours of sleep there.

Before deciding, I checked out the advises on A rescuer for the times when you’re not sure you actually want the adventure of sleeping on a cold floor around strangers when you have the option of a free cozy bed at your friend’s place.

“Terminal 2E is newer and better terminal (clean and no/fewer homeless people) – Go there!!!, reports of free Sony Playstations, semi reclining chairs and sleeping pods, free WiFi in terminal 2F.”

The decision was made right after reading. Bye bye Paris, I’m heading home. But first, a night at your airport.


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