To meet people

“How do you meet everyone?” That’s a question I get too often. So now I will tell you the story of how I got the phone number of the wife of the very first president of Mauritania.

I’ve kept this blog for a couple of years now, and one day about a month ago I got a comment from Simon. He was an aussie on his way down to Mauritania and asked for some advises. I emailed him back and we decided to meet up when he arrived.

Simon stayed with Jimmy while he was here. Jimmy is working for a school in Nouakchott together with a danish woman. “Seriously? Can I have her phone number?” I asked when he told me, there are not that many Scandinavians around this country.
“Sure, here.” he said and told me the digits.

I called her and we met up for dinner as I came home from Boghé. We talked about Mauritania, Scandinavia and the world when she suddenly asked if I had met Birgitte Daddah; the danish woman married to the first president of Mauritania as the country gained independence from France in 1960; Moktar ould Daddah.
“No, I haven’t met her. But I have heard so much about her.” I said, and suddenly I had her number written on a small piece of paper in front of me.

This is not a one-time-incident, this is how it works. You meet someone who knows someone who knows someone and suddenly the world is right there. You just have to ask.

The featured photo is from Mauritanie Decouverte.


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