Omar’s burn

Omar.The whole inside of his leg is boiled. From his genitals to the toes. “Have you been to the doctor?” I asked.
“No we haven’t.” Fati said and squeezed the boy’s hand.
“Why not?” I looked at the skin, boiled asunder leaving him without skin on most parts of the leg.
“We can’t afford. The money is finished,” she said and looked away.

Omar is two years old. He refuses to stand up and if he’s being lift up to standing he’s falling down in tears on the floor again. He cries all the time and always wants to be someone close.

The medicine cost 1200 ougiya. That is about 26 kr. “I will give you the money, don’t worry. He has to see the doctor,” I said and Fati was forever grateful for something that wouldn’t get me more than a packet of oatmilk in Sweden. That packet I can live without.

The doctor gave Omar blood red antibiotic cream and pain-relief, but nothing to wrap around the leg. The little boy keeps touching the wounds and flies are gathering on the naked skin. Fati tried to keep a blanket over the leg, but it keep falling off. So when I was back in the capital I found some gauze bandage to be sent to her, that one was more expensive than the antibiotics.


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