“Now I am your friend. Because you look nice and smile often.”
“You also look nice and smile often, and you have a nice laughter.”
So we are friends. More than that is not needed for a friendship to appear and grow strong. You never need to be alone. There is always someone there who wants to be your friend, who wants to show you around and drink tea.

I didn’t more than arrive in Boghé before I had a new family. It warms me incredibly, my heart is flooded when I think about them and I wish it was as simple in Sweden. What if someone unknown knocked on the door and asked to sleep in our home for a few nights? And I didn’t even knock.

I want us to make a revolution in Sweden and in the world. Let us invent hospitality again and stop being afraid of strangers and welcome everyone into our family. The family doesn’t have to be bound to mother, father and children. As a friend said last autumn: “I call this photo project ‘sisters’. Not because we are Sisters, but because we are sisters.”

Let us make it easy to find friends. We extinguish the loneliness and insecurity. Let us all believe in ourselves and trust each other. You ARE welcome, you don’t need to ask. Of course we can be friends.


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