The other food

”These are for you. This way you will be familiar with eating meat, and when you come back from Boghé you will have no problem with eating meat anymore.”
Thanks friend… I think. I’m not sure it’s going to help though, since in a couple of weeks time I will be back in the vegan flat with my vegan friends in Malmö. Where it is very easy to be vegan, not to talk about vegetarian.

The last three months has been a bit different. I’ve eaten a lot of fish (and no, my memory did not get any better) and there was that one time when we were served big chicken breasts and I couldn’t say no for politeness reasons. Take the culture where you come. It’s a popular saying in Sweden and a way to remember that sometimes your culture can be considered very rude in the country where you come. That is definitely my case in Mauritania.

Especially the last week. I have eaten what I’ve been served and it’s been both meat, fish and chicken. But I am so thankful for the hospitality I have been shown.

Mostly it’s fine. I don’t mind adapting whatever I’m wearing and having to eat strange things (chicken) once or twice is bearable. But when there was a piece of camel meat in the food and I ended up in very bad stomach cramps the whole night… I’m not as sure. I’d rather say no to the food and be impolite than suffer through that again.
And the fact is still there: the animals exists for their own sake, not for ours.


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