When society stops

Suddenly the salesman turns his back on me and puts a carpet on the floor. I turn around and my friends are gone. The interview stop. The taxi stop. Life stops. From the minaret the call for prayer echoes around the city and a concentrated peace is spread over the land. Allahu akbar. God is the greatest.

Along the streets all the people are kneeling; black, white, coloured, middle class, poor, rich… for God. From the mosque the prayers makes their way outside and I take a moment to breathe. To just be. A moment to stop and not be on my way anywhere. A moment that everyone needs.

The grand mosque of Nouakchott.

The grand mosque of Nouakchott.

Just before I left Sweden there were big discussions about a mosque in Fittja who wanted one call for prayer a week. During daytime. Someone making their voice heard in a paper said “I’ve traveled in those countries and I know what it means. It is Not fun.” Well, I have both traveled and lived in those countries, and we clearly have different opinions.

I have lived next to a church in almost my whole life. I loved it. In Mauritania I have many times lived next to a mosque. Guess what? I love it. Sometimes I wake up at five in the morning, but mostly I sleep through the morning prayer.

No matter if it’s from a minaret or a church-tower the sound is coming there will always be people who’s bothered. Especially in Sweden, people like being bothered there. Noise from the outside disturbed their egos, when it in fact is there to give them a moment to themselves. To look inside and stop thinking about all demands from the outside.

To me the calls for prayer and the ringing from the church-tower has nothing with religion to do. It’s simply a reminder to stop for a while. Look outside the ego and breathe. To communicate with my inner self. Hate will never breed love. Please, stop and look around yourself and accept. Accept our differences and get to know yourself. A short moment every day, then you don’t have to be bothered by anything anymore. Don’t be scared, no one is trying to take your country and your traditions from you. No one but you yourself.


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