The generosity of man

During the past weeks our interviews has been interrupted by almost endless cups of tea, lunch, water bottles, laughter and free rides. We have met some of the strongest people I have ever met eye to eye and they have shown us enormous generosity.
Why? Because we are humans.

The face of humbleness.

The face of humbleness.

As I sat in the couch of Messaoud Boulkheir earlier today my heart suddenly started pounding. I felt so young. So small. So insignificant. Yet he was talking to us, inviting us into his home letting us ask questions and answered them seriously. He; a 70 years old politician and leader of the Alliance Populaire Progressiste and one of the first born hratine to become a political leader, talking to me; a 24 year old freelance journalist finishing university just one year ago trying to understand this world, and Rabia; an English teacher who got a phone call from a somewhat crazy Swedish girl one year ago asking for a translator from Hassaniya to English.

Life is a strange thing with an enormous amount of surprises. I am so happy that we are living it.

And well… about all those free gifts we’ve got during the interviews. My old journalism-teacher would say we’ve been bribed. I would say we can’t afford the impoliteness to say no to Mauritanian tea, and the food was given to us by a very proud man who we just could not say no to. It would have been way too impolite. About all that water… we needed it. Our lives were hanging on it. It’s too hot here to ever say no to water.
The free rides? We tried to say no to one of them, but he refused and more or less forced us into the car and drove us home. He said we were not normal to walk in this heat. The other one we had to say yes to in order to even get to the house of the interview. Good reasons? I’m not gonna be our judge. I am simply thankful for the generosity of man.


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