I found paradise

The ocean is glittering as if a million hidden diamonds decided to come up to the surface all at once. The peaceful splash from the waves calms the soul when they sweep over the sand dunes and wash small squids onto the beach. Dunes stiffened by the salty sea and shaped by the wind circles small beaches; hidden from wind they provide a welcoming shade and the sand gives the bare feet a soft massage. If this is not paradise then I do not know where I have come.

This is the pride of Mauritania. Banc D’Arguin. The nature reserve stretches along the coast between Nouadhibou and Nouakchott. Forget about small 4-people’s tents where you can’t stand up straight unless you are 7 years old or very short. Here are big traditional nomad tents places in small groups right on the beach with thick mattresses and carpets. Every morning you will wake up to the sound of the ocean, far away from the bustle of cars and close to camels, ocean and semi-dessert. Here is no electricity, no toilets, no nothing. Just the quiet beach all to yourself, isn’t that what we all dream about? It’s paradise. It can’t be anything else.

The nature reserve is 12 000 square kilometers, another word is huge. It’s the largest breeding place of birds in the whole world. Who knows, maybe the grey heron you saw last summer is right now preparing to leave its nest in Banc D’Arguin to come back?


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