Yoga in Nouakchott

Stretching up towards the sky, then going down in Lizard pose I felt a lot of no no no from my body. Poor yoga and a different diet has made my body weaker since I left home, and I struggled a lot with some of the poses. Others went better than before, as downward dog. Heels perfectly on the ground and bum up in the air the pose felt only comfortable.

A few days ago I found out that there is a woman in town who gives yoga classes in her free time. For a small donation anyone can join in the class which lasts for about one and a half hour. It’s for the expat community by the expat community, which is a really big one.

I went to the Canon store in Nouakchott today, asking if they could fix the camera. “No, but by the market there’s the small photo shop. The guy fixes camera.” the man told me, and in’shallah I will go there tomorrow and hopefully he can repair it. On Monday and Tuesday I’m meeting two very strong women to talk about the situation for women in Mauritania. It’s gonna be interesting, and it feels good to finally get something done. Although I wont have any photos of them, at least I can hear what they are saying.


2 thoughts on “Yoga in Nouakchott

  1. Hi!
    I’m Canadian and I’m actually in Nouakchott too! I would be very interested to take part of this yoga classes. Please can you say to me where these classes are given and the name with the phone number of the yoga teacher?

    Thank you!


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