Yoga with runes

He has been studying runes for some time and discovered a book about the connection between runes and human poses. “You see the different runes all show a pose in which the energy flows differently.” He explained as we sat in the big tent, looking at his notes. “Many are similar to yoga-poses, so I’m trying to integrate them in my yoga practice.”

Me reading Hermann Hesse’s beloved book about Emil Sinclair’s life revolving meeting with Max Demian somehow came at the same point as my meeting with Christoph. I met him the first time three days ago. I recognized him and his story from somewhere, but after going through all places where we have been the past years we were forced to the conclusion that, despite us traveling to the same places, we have never before succeeded in visiting the same place at the same time. We’ve been close, but the time always differing with some months.
Some people you are bound to meet, and when you do so you know it immediately.

Today Christoph walked through the garden here, sensing the energy-fields to see if there is any here to find. There was. I do not remember which one, but he drew a line and we tried the wellness of our souls. After his nine days detoxing and practicing yoga in the dessert his was perfectly balanced. After my recent stress about the camera breaking (how will I be able to finish the work I have already sold?) and my stomach being de-balanced my soul was not.
But after meeting him, I’ve got a new light in me to take the yoga to a new step. To learn more about runes. To experience the power of the universe and the planet again.

Somehow my visits to this place always interlink with some sort of spiritual development. Last year Mark told me how to grow up, this year Christoph teaches me to heal my soul. What will happen next year? I can’t help to wonder.


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