Listening to the war


The sound of bombs exploding and machine guns firing traveled over the sand across the dessert. I listen to the bombs while falling asleep. While having breakfast and while preparing lunch. The army of Mauritania is practicing.

My thoughts go to those who are in Mali, those who have lived through this past year of occupation, fundamental Islamic rule. Those who were stoned and those who lost their limbs.

Religion is one of the strongest means of identification. But it must never be forced upon anyone. That Allah is the mighty may be right for some people but not for all. Everyone interprets their religion differently and everyone must be accepted for their beliefs even if they are wrong for you.

If everyone accept one another there would be no Belmoctar or Breivik to mention two. There would be peace and understanding. Please may everyone choose that way today? I don’t want to listen to bombs anymore.


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