To marry in the kitchen

wpid-2013-01-20-12.35.10.jpgBissap is juice made from eucalyptus, it’s really sweet and comes from Senegal. But it’s very popular in Mauritania. I have only been awake for two hours, but already one of the men at the hotel we ended up on has asked me to marry him, given me bissap and I just wish they would respect and understand that no woman would want to marry anyone after one minute of talking.
Definitely not since that minute sounded something like “il y a une kitchen that je va cook .. boil an egg.. a? Vous comprend?” “no mesdames, je ne comprend pas.” “Oh my word this language why don’t I just go to Australia instead? Hhm.” “Mesdames?” “No.. Hmm.. Kitchen a Française?”

Deep sigh. That’s when he said I’m very beautiful and he wants us to hug and get married. I laughed and said my boyfriend at home would be furious. That’s something I’ve learned how to say at least.

Anyway, they do have a kitchen and I can use whatever I need in there. I’ll probably stay a couple of days.


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