Let go, and free yourself

Running across the street. Ten taxis, two cars. Me in the middle. The sound of the prayer from the minaret is overwhelmed by the traffic turmoil. Then, I stop. The clementines coloured as the midnight sun hang among thick green leaves on trees framing the streets. People walking by are happy, salesmen greet me in French when I pass them and I return the greeting in Arabic. They smile and I smile back.

Morocco’s capital is the most peaceful town in the country, although it is easy to be swept away by the daily lives which are as hectic as in any other capital. You can easily walk in the medina without the hassle, people are kind and no one will stalk you or ask you for marriage. It’s easy to get around: taxis are cheap and there’s an even cheaper tram. Five dirhams and it will take you across town. A ten minute taxiride is usually about fifteen or twenty dirham.

The vegetables at the markets are fresh and there are lots of good restaurants. As my french gets better life becomes easier and I could definitely live here for a while to learn it fluently. I love this life, but still. Traveling means meeting a lot of amazing people, who also travel. They aren’t staying and neither am I. You can always come back to the couch surfing hosts and meeting awesome people doesn’t mean you have to stay in touch with them forever. To meet a good friend and then let go is often much easier than staying in touch. Because how could you ever stay in touch with everyone you meet on the road? No matter how much you like them it’s better to use it as a comfort: there are millions of fantastic people out there. You don’t need to be with all of them. Just be one of them.


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