Update on Visa

I stood in the line outside the embassy in Rabat at seven in the morning. At eight they opened the gate and let 60 people in, thereafter they closed it again. Some asked when they will open again, later today perhaps? “Inshallah” was the answer. At eleven o’clock officials told us they won’t open again until tomorrow, and let another 60 people in.
They have changed the way it works to get a Mauritanian visa in Rabat.

Until one week ago you had to wait for 24 hours and they surely let more than 60 people in. Now they don’t, but in return the ones who do get to go in through the gate and hand in their papers get the visa the same day.
How to become one of those 60 people?

Some Germans told me people started queuing by midnight, “so bring a warm blanket and a chair, make yourself cozy and sleep outside. That’s what I would have done.” one of them said. I won’t do that.
The man giving me a ride south tomorrow (Inshallah) is sleeping in his car outside the embassy tonight, so when I get there tomorrow early morning he is supposed to be standing in the line and hold a place for me. Inshallah Inshallah, right now it feels as though anything can happen. I might be in Rabat all next week too, that’s how I feel.

Happy thoughts.


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