Surfing Morocco


Couch surfing isn’t always about having good experiences. Sometimes you simply end up with a person who has different ideas of what is ok than you do. This guy I’ve been staying with since Saturday in Rabat had many good references. From couples, from boys and from girls. So I figured he would be cool.

The first problem came on Saturday evening. As we said goodnight he tried to kiss me on the mouth, I told him it’s Not ok whereupon he replied “you’re a strange girl.” Yesterday evening he kept on touching my skin and suggested we would sleep in the same bed. “No I’d rather not.” I said and again: “what’s wrong? You’re so strange. First I feel everything is good and you’re cool, then this. Why? You are so strange.” I asked if he sleeps with every couch surfer he has, he said “of course not. This is not about couch surfing, this is about me and you.”

Another host I had written to told me I could stay with her if my host turned out no good. Last night I asked a good friend and CS:er what to do. He told me to move, “you should write about him too, it’s not all about good references.”

So today I moved to another host. A woman. It feels so much better! No inappropriate touching, no sharing bed. A good friend that knows how to behave with other people.

CS let me down for the first time, but it also saved me.


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