Getting a Mauritanian visa

It is possible to obtain a visa for Mauritania in Europe, but it’s both cheaper and simpler to do it in Morocco.
Here’s a guide on how to obtain a visa for Mauritania in Rabat, Morocco:

What you have to bring:
– Your passport
– A copy of your passport
– Two passport sized photos
– About 350 Dirham

visa-Mauritania At the embassy you will get a form to fill in. There is a guy outside selling them for 10 dirham, but it’s also possible to get one for free in the small room by the counter. There are two sides to the form and both has to be filled in correctly. There isn’t any in English so if you don’t read French or Arabic you’ll have to ask someone there. Now there’s always lots of people there to get visas: Europeans traveling to either Senegal or Mauritania, Senegalese people with European passports who no longer can cross the border without visa and so on. There’s more people than one might think traveling through the desert.

Be there Early. The embassy opens at nine, but be there at half past seven or earlier. The line is long and they close at eleven no matter how many people are left. They might just as well close right in front of you.

Today I went there to get my visa. I had forgotten to bring two photos and went to the small photobooth down the road, right opposite the petrol station. It was broken. So I went down the road to the left of the booth and crossed another big road, then shortly on the right hand side there is Wafa Photo. The store normally opens just before nine and when I came in there were already five people waiting for their photos, and it took almost an hour for the printer to warm up so we all could have our prints. But its rather cheap, 20 dirham for eight photos.

The time was then quarter to ten and we all hurried back to the embassy. After another hour in the line they closed, and we have to come back tomorrow morning at seven. But the waiting wasn’t all bad. In the line I managed to organize a ride all the way to Nouakchott with a Frenchman driving down in his Renault. According to him we will have our visas tomorrow at three (the last thing I know is that it takes 24 hours, but he says not anymore). We will see tomorrow. Maybe we’ll leave in the afternoon, maybe we’ll have to wait another day. I’ll keep you updated.


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