Chameleon forest

Something moved in the tree, the branches whipped each other and some leaves fell off. I stopped, looked up and waited. What would I see?

Behind the castle yesterday I found a small forest, according to the sign it was the habitat of chameleons. With a high amount of curiosity and excitement I started walking along one of the paths, leading deeper into the sparsely vegetated forest. This could be my first time seeing a real chameleon.

And while a part of me stumbled upon the thought that it was actually a chameleon making the noise in the trees, another part saw the thing more logically. Aren’t they supposed to move very slowly?
A second later two squirrels came running down one of the stems, stopping to look at me and then chasing each other up and down, up and down. They both stopped for some moments to let me photograph them, showing no signs of being afraid.

I didn’t see a single chameleon on my walk, but six or seven squirrels. On the other hand, how do you actually see a chameleon? Aren’t they famous for melting into the surroundings? Maybe they were closer than I could see, maybe I actually did see one, without knowing?


2 thoughts on “Chameleon forest

  1. i haven’t seen a chameleon in its natural habitat as well. Maybe back in the old days, they are mistaken for some mythical creature who vanishes. :)) …the posing squirrels sure knows how to pose! 🙂

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