Chocolate preparations

chokladbollar I spent the day calling different editors, wanting to sell articles. At the top of the page with some general questions (do you accept freelance material? What kind, how much, etc) I wrote: “I am the best in the world and they Want to buy my articles.”
It worked. The sentence gave me some comfort when glancing at the questions, first reading the line (not out loud, as I first feared I would do by accident). I’ve sold one chronicle and got a few others interested in my work. I hold my thumbs they will all say Yes in the end.

In the evening I made chocolate balls out of apricots, dates, nuts, vanilla, lemon and cocoa. Perfect to bring on trips: gives you both quick and lasting energy, plus protein and minerals. It’s great snack when hitch-hiking and you realize you’ve been standing by the road for quite some time, without anything to eat.

Tomorrow is my last full day at home and (apart from having an important thing in school that I have not yet prepared for) there’s some good-bye-tea in the evening with some friends, I have to pack, make sure I’ve got everything, make some last phone calls to editors and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of things. I don’t even know where I have everything I need to bring. As for memory cards for the camera, and those dirhams I had somewhere and what about sunglasses? And all those people I still have to contact in Mauritania!

It will be fine in the end. I breathe slowly and take a step at the time. And comfort myself with I always forget a lot, and it’s never a problem in the end.


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