A shade of creativity


Back home, back to work. Planning ideas isn’t the hard thing, what’s hard is to come up with them and then to find a way to accomplish them. I’m sketching, what photos do I want to take? The sketches all end up showing clothes I want to sew and it’s itching in me, I want to get textiles and start sewing. Fashion photography? Not my thing.

Making clothes and patterns? More my thing. In the same time as I am making sketches of dresses, ideas of what I should report on from north west Africa start to grow in my mind. The sketches change from super-short to ankle-long. From tight to comfy. From no arms to long sleeves. Experimenting with shapes and figures, suddenly I want to sit down and plan plan plan my trip to Mauritania in January, but I can’t because now it’s time to sleep.

The sketch continue to be just another shade of what I want to do. Drawing a piece of another culture starts the creativity and longing for work. Now how am I gonna fall asleep?


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