Home, empty home…

From the airport I hitch-hiked with a pilot. He’s flying for Malmö Aviation and he told me a lot about airplanes and how the business has changed during his 25 years as a pilot. We talked about flying, yesterday our minister of finance, Anders Borg, flew with him back to Stockholm. “I guess he’d been hunting with a count on the west coast” the pilot told me.

He dropped me off right outside our building, and as I stepped inside chaos hit me. The floor in the hallway was filled with envelopes, the kitchen table was overflowing with paper, letters and magazines. One of the rooms upstairs was half empty, in the other one there was only a pillow and a blanket in a fine pile on the floor. And not a single cat came to say “welcome back!”
Two of my flatmates has moved out and two of the cats went with one of them, the third one is in Stockholm with the other two cats. I’m patiently waiting for the new girl to move in. May it be today. I hate being alone at home like this, people and cats: I miss you! Maybe I should call the cat-help and tell them I can take two cats for a couple of weeks until they find new owners?


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