Where you would have to eat.

If you want to treat yourself like an angel, a hard working human or an alternative laid back person has no matter. Wroclaw really gives all vegetarians something special. My favourite restaurant is, since yesterday, Machina Organika. Ours a restaurant that despite having three floors still manage to feel cosy and intimate. They only serve one main dish a day, one desert and a few choices of drink.




These photos are all from Machina Organika. The dinner is among the best I have ever tasted; fine and delicate yet with a powerful flavour. The desert was a cheesecake made of almond-milk and crushed nuts, definitely the best desert I’ve had and it was do hard to finish it! I just wanted it to last forever.

My second favourite is the one I have already told you about: Zle Mieso (bad meat). So I won’t go deeper into that, but if you’re in Wroclaw for a day then lunch there and dinner at the first mentioned would give you a great and genuine experience of vegetarian Wroclaw.

The third vegetarian restaurant I tried is Vega. It’s a workers place and definitely worth a lunch. There are a few dishes to choose from and they are all served in a feeling of the schools lunch hall. It’s cheap and the food filling, though your taste-buds might not jump of joy. It’s not that the taste is bad, there’s simply not so much flavour to taste. The restaurant itself is big, placed right on the square and has a communist feeling over it. It’s worth the experience.

And no matter if you want veggies or not the galleria Italia is a great place. It’s close to rynek and some really good Italian restaurants are gathered here. So if you have two days in town, dinner there is highly recommended.


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