Chocolate to balance your chakras

My first night in Wroclaw I met a local woman from couch surfing who invited me to have a drink. After checking out a number of places, all being too crowded, did we end up at a small Hindu inspired café, only serving vegetarian and vegan things. I decided to come back many times while here, but I could never find the way. Until now.

After nearly two weeks in Wroclaw I decided that I HAD to find this place again, I walked up and down the streets, could not remember the name of the place and daylight it looked so different.

Today as the sun set I was lost in the other end of the city. For some reason I’d decided to see as much of town as I can before Saturday, when I leave. When darkness fell I saw myself defeated and took a tram back to rynek. Finally in a place where I sort of know my way around I decided to find the café. In the dark it was easy. Almost too easy. So now I am sitting here, with a thick hot chocolate and a warm vegan tomato-sandwich, a big picture of Vishnu beside me and I am happy. So very happy. Next time in Wroclaw, I’m gonna be a regular here. Is cheap, cosy, spiritual and just perfect. Kala-chakra, right next to Kalambur. It’s actually the same place, and if you want alcohol you just go to Kalambur to buy and bring it in here.


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