Bad meat.

I have found my favourite restaurant in Wroclaw. It looks something like this


They only serve vegetarian and vegan food, and the name of the place is Zle Mieso (“bad meat” in Polish).

The restaurant can be hard to find. But if you are by Galeria Dominikanska, walk across the road from mercury hotel, walk to the right and take the first road to the left. The restaurant is more or less marked out somewhere by the second street to the left, close to the Polish bank that will come up on your right hand side. The entrance doesn’t look like an entrance, it’s a closed door in a backyard a few steps from the ground.

Right now chilled out jazz is coming from the loudspeakers, the lunch guests starts to leave and the staff cleans the tables. They speak English very well, but only accept cash. A dish cost around 3,5 euro and is prepared very well. There is pizza, Indian curry, pasta, salad and lots to drink; water, juice, beer or wine. If you have some time to pass: grab a game and play for a while.


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