Underground chocolate

As my hands started to stiffen from the cold air I asked my host if we couldn’t have a cup of tea somewhere, “is there a special place you usually go to?” I asked. “YES!” She said, and stopped. “I just have to remember where it is. My partner always tease me because I can never find the place. But you know, from the market place, there are so many roads. I’m not sure which one, but come we’ll try and find it.”

We walked back to the market from the cathedral and turned left. On the narrow road we asked a girl if she knew where it was. I cannot write the conversation for you, because it was all in Polish so not even I know what was said. But we turned around and walked across the square to the other end, then took a left turn.
“Here it is! Around the corner, now I recognize the street.” she said, and we walked up past the Hill Hostel and there, to the right, was “the dragon café”; a big room divided in two by a thin wall, a little underground lounge music, lots of small tables and cushions everywhere. Over the bar was a dragon’s head. The walls were ruff and every here and there were metal grids painted black stuck onto the walls. On the door to one of the bathrooms someone had carved “Maciek ❤ me" into the wood.
In the evenings there is live music and if I lived here I would definitely be a regular at that place. The hot chocolate was just (as I told you yesterday) perfect.


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