the Decorated city

As we walked across the market square here in Poznan I was astonished by all the colorful buildings, rising to the sky as giant fairytales. Like they weren’t really there, but yet they were right in front of us. Just like in Wroclaw. The green, pink, purple, blue or yellow facades spread some well needed light now that the bright coloured leaves has fallen off the trees; leaving the branches naked and brown. Imagine, I had never thought that Poland would be this beautiful.

There weren’t much people on the square even though the sky was (mainly) free from clouds and the sun warm. We walked inside the cathedral and no photography nor the most descriptive text could give that place a fair description. Forgive me, but I cannot even try, I have never seen such a heavy yet finely decorated cathedral. The artwork hasn’t been saved upon anywhere in town; the exterior of the national museum is decorated with pure gold, on top of one of the houses at the market square is a big dragon watching the people, and all over the city center you find decorations (small and big) like nowhere else where I have been.

My host told me yesterday that every day by noon there are two goats made of wood coming out of the church. They sing a song and end with the phrase “welcome to Poznan”. Indeed, I feel welcomed.


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