Partying at water


Last night I went with my host and two of her friends to h2o; the only real gay-club in Wroclaw according to some friends. Someone noted that they only played music from the 90s and both of my hosts friends said afterwards that they were surprised. “Girls you can see, that’s not so strange, but so many guys that are so open! I’ve never seen it before, it was a new experience to me. At first I was a little chocked but then it felt as normal. It’s good I think, that there is at least one place here where gays can be open, it’s such a conservative country this.” she said and frowned. Also her friend agreed that Poland is too conservative and even though I had not yet met any homophobic person, it was clear to me that the society is not as open as it is at home.

One hour later we had settled in the third bar for the evening. A man in his early thirties came up and started talking. “What are you doing in Wroclaw?” he asked. “I’m working on a photo project of the gay community here,” I said. He stared at me for a second as he exclaimed “gay community? There is a gay community in Wroclaw?” I said yes, there is. “I have never seen any, and don’t misunderstand me. I have nothing against gays. As long as they don’t disturb me.” he told me. Apparently the homophobia isn’t that invisible as I thought. He continued “I wouldn’t say I’m against gays, but I am not for it either. Somewhere between. But I am more against it than for it. Yes.” He said it as if he was talking about whether one should take the shoes off before entering a house, or if child abuse is ok. I was astounded, how can it be this ok to “be against gays” that he says it right to my face? And what is there really to be against? Everyones right to love?


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