Limping from the murderer

Romantic entanglements resulting in a murder; a young girl limping away from her husband, laughing at his kiss and pushed to the ground of his hurt feelings. Today I was at the rehearsal of Pagliacci in the Opera house in Wroclaw. Accompanying the scene were tones from La bohème rehearsed at the major stage in the other end of the corridor.

It’s another world. In this house all is about opera and the friendships are all somehow based in this musical art. Or is it artistic music?

I met A for my photo project. We took some photos in ballet positions and I’m almost too happy with how they turned out. It will be hard to choose which photos I will use in the final exhibition, but I have finally started and that feels great. Tomorrow I will attend more rehearsals at the opera with Alessia (my friend who invited me to the opera in the first place) in the morning, then meet with some more people at the opera and in the evening watch the official performance of La bohème.


2 thoughts on “Limping from the murderer

    • Thank you 🙂
      This one can be viewed at Malmö University at the end of this year. But it is an ongoing project and I’m visiting many countries with the same idea of portraying queer people in different parts of the world. Which means I still have a few years of work ahead.

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