A queer night out

As Agata sang the people crowded the space in front of her, dancing two by two to the traditional Polish song. I was amazed by how many people were out on a Tuesday night, dancing and drinking. It was at Cherry Club in Wroclaw, I was there with four new friends. One – M – who agreed to join my photo project together with his boyfriend.
There was karaoke and apparently Agata is pretty used at taking home the victory; a bottle of vodka. This night though, she didn’t. But the vodka in Poland is too cheap already.

Earlier, when the evening first began, I met two guys for a drink. One of them could help me out finding people for the project, though as we met I forgot all about the photos I have to take and we talked about everything else. They bought some vodka shots and sour cucumber, “you know, when people in other countries throw it away ’cause it’s off, that’s when we serve it.” P said and we had a great evening. By almost every table in the pub there were telephones and a little note saying which number led to which phone. A man sitting at the table behind us pulled out the chord ’cause the phone was ringing too much. “It’s good if you see someone cute at the other end of the room and you want to say hello,” one of the guys said before we took another shot of vodka.

As they had to go home M had arrived with a friend and suggested we went to another club. As we walked another of my new friends joined and we all ended up by the cathedral. The lights were amazing and as Agata came to join us we stood by the cathedral looking over the river and the national museum with the lights reflecting in the water.

When the cold got too much for us we walked to Cherry – one of three gay-clubs in town – and I had to text my host and let her know I’d be home late. She replied that’s great, and told me not to come back too early. And sure for me it was fine, I had no job to get up to in the morning, but a few of the rest did. How they manage today I don’t know, ’cause the party continued for long.


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