Note to self.

Trams are silent. You have to look properly before just running across a road, just now I was almost run over.

When on the tram I at first thought I was the only one there, but then I heard a bump and looked behind me. Two very drunk men were lying on the floor at the back, hardly moving. A few stops later a police car pulled over beside the tram and two policemen stepped inside. The one kicked one of the men in the side, said something to the people in the tram who just got on and some of them laughed a little. The policemen told the men to get up and more gently than I believe the Swedish police would have been they followed the drunk men outside and got them into the car.

A few minutes later I walked along the main shopping road, the sun set already as the plane landed some hours earlier and just a few people were out. Two young men sat by the side of the street and played reggae tunes, they smiled back at me and as I had passed them the sound of a bagpipe filled the air.

I was on my way to meet some other couch surfers for a drink, right now I’m sitting outside Starbucks waiting, freezing, for them to come. The music from the bagpipe still filling up the air.


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