the Polish Couches

I’ve sent some couch requests to people in Wroclaw and I am amazed by how one girl immediately answered “come and stay for a few days, or a week. Or stay for as long as you want” and she’s not the only one. Before even getting there (I’m leaving Sweden on Saturday) I am already regarding Poland to be the most couch-surfer-friendly country I’ve been to.

As for now I know that I will stay in Wroclaw for about twelve days and I will spend about three days in Poznan. I will be working on a photo-project that I for now call “Queer Wroclaw” and I will either portrait the life of a queer group of people in the city, or I will portrait one or two queer people living there without a certain focus on the town itself. We will see what happens when I get there. I am very excited and can’t really wait to get started! If you happen to know someone there who is queer, please let me know. I want to get in touch with as many people as I can.

This far I don’t really know where to stay from Saturday to Monday, but I do know I can stay on a sleeping mattress Sunday to Monday, enjoying home-cooked Polish food from the hosts mother if I’d like to. And I’m sure the weekend will sort out as well, at least I’ve been invited for a beer with some other surfers my first evening there and a place to sleep will always sort itself out more or less.


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