Nuclear for peace?

”If two states can extinguish one another, none of them will dare to attack the other one. That creates peace!”
I’ve spent the weekend at a nuclear seminar in Stockholm, learning a lot about nuclear weapons, politics, history and the state of the world today.
Did you know that in the world today there is 1 940 nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert? That means they can all be detonated within one to four minutes. USA, Russia, Great Britain, France and China can legally have nuclear weapons, but are supposed to (according to a treaty they’ve all signed) phase them out. But, Israel, Pakistan, and India did not sign the treaty, and North Korea withdrew their signature just before they announced they’ve got nuclear weapons. This creates a tension in the world, who will dare to phase out their weapons and leave their countries vulnerable?

At the same time ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons) says that nuclear weapons does not win wars since no one dares to use them ’cause then they will be wiped out as well. Nuclear weapons does not protect from wars, they happen anyway and that we can see everyday at the news. Nuclear weapons does on the other hand create wars. Or at least a lot of tension (look at Iran and Israel for example). There are no good reasons to keep nuclear weapons and the test bombings has had a big impact on both the environment and people.

At Semey in Kazakstan people are being born with severe physical abnormalities due to the test bombings conducted by the USA. Since 1996 test bombings in the atmosphere are abandoned but are still conducted in the ocean. Should we not care about all life on earth, and not just humans?

I believe everyone should join seminars on nuclear weapons to learn more – because we all need to know what our leaders are deciding behind our backs. The USA store nuclear weapons in Belgium and Scotland for example, are we really comfortable with that? Are we really comfortable with the fact that the human factor has done many mistakes before, and could wipe out a part of our earth? A small mistake, and we are three minutes from devastation that will stay for decades and decades.


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