Fall(ing in love)

Every day I fall in love with my home town a little bit more. I biked around Slottsparken; all the colours, small trails, river and the little dam with frogs in it every spring makes it my favorite. There were lots of runners, families walking around, some tourists and some random people on bikes like myself.

I biked through the park to the beach, dragged the bike with me through the soft sand and stood still for a while. Watching the birds and the ocean’s waves I felt as if I was living in a dream. The view was magical with the light grey sky reflected in the ocean, birds taking off and coming back to the pier over and over again.
How can you do anything but fall in love?


2 thoughts on “Fall(ing in love)

  1. Hey there, Just wanted to stop by and say that this photograph is really well done. I really like the perspective looking down the boardwalk with all the birds on either side of the railing. Thanks for sharing your photograph!
    – Nate

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