The photo-course I’m taking will finish off with our own project, starting next week. There are now a few days before we need to hand in our idea and plan on how to accomplish it. My ideas are all swirling around in my head, the one I really want to do is in Sudan and I do not have the finances to take me there, despite the fact that the ticket to get there actually isn’t That expensive. But I simply can’t afford it at this point in life.

What are my other options?
I want to do something in Wroclaw. I don’t know what. I have never been there, what is the city famous for? Are there any people living in interesting sub-cultures to hang out with? People sitting at bars? What would I want to say with that? There is a small town nearby with a riverbank famous for it’s richness in gold – how about a photo-project on that small town simply? Portraying people living there, the question is: do they speak English? How would I communicate what I am doing if they don’t?

Idea number two.
My mothers friend and a woman who has been in my life since before I was born is deadly sick. She has cancer inside of her head and they cannot remove the whole thing. I would love to do a photo-project about her, her life and her struggle. But is now the right time to do it? When I have the pressure of a deadline?

The third idea is just a big ocean of ideas flowing in and our like waves in the Atlantic. I can’t put words on them yet. But I really want to go to Sudan, and I am angry that my finances must put a no to it. If I can find a quick way to earn some extra SEK, I will go to there for two weeks, portraying the people left by the government when the dams were built. The people no one cares of. That’s what I really want to do.

But hey, maybe Wroclaw has a hidden treasure among it’s people? I surely am curious on that town.


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