The good deed.

As my bike did a small bounce coming up from the gravel by the church, fifty meters from the station. There was a strange rattle and my biked squeaked. I quickly stopped and jumped off, looked down to see what happened. The chain was somehow inside the wheel and nowhere where it should be.

“Are you ok? Let me see.” A man stopped beside me, got off his bike and grabbed mine. He turned it upside down and started fixing it. Just like that, in the middle of the street.

A few minutes passed and I noted I have to buy one of those spray cans with grease, cause the chain was completely dry and very rusty. No wonder it came off in that small bounce.

Five minutes later the man had fixed the bike and showed me his bleeding finger. I had no tissue and no plaster, nothing he could wash it with. I thanked him a hundred times, and I still feel a little guilty I could not help him with his finger after he had helped me so much.
Conclusion: we all have to learn to give and take sacrifices for each other, it will even out in the end.


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