As I was looking for inspiration, facts and the general state of the world the other day I came across a document showing the destinies of some refugees who died while fleeing their own countries. I’m gonna share some of them with you, and I believe it is important we all remember that it’s not our fault but we can do something to change the future.

A young man from Afghanistan died from smoke inhalation from fire lit in tin can to keep warm inside an abandoned truck.

A 32 year old man from North Africa was tortured and shot by smugglers. He was found outside Thriassio Hospital.

A 16 year old boy from Syria was killed after a car chase in Evros. The Greek border police and FRONTEX officials were involved.

A 25 year old man from Sub-Saharan Africa drowned. He was found in port of Ceuta in an advanced state of decomposition.

An Iranian person, the sex is not known, died in an accident. The smugglers’ car overturned as they tried to avoid a police road block.

An unknown person died instantly after being run over by a train near Feres while walking along the railway.
Khaled Khodena from Iraq was murdered due to his religious beliefs after deportation from Sweden, his asylum claim was rejected.

An unknown person drowned. He/She was pushed off a jetski when the smuggler saw coastguards approaching in Andalusia.

An unknown man was murdered, shot by Frontex officer while shooting at boats crossing TR-GR border by the Evros river.

25 men from Sub-Saharan Africa suffocated while traveling on a boat with 275 others. The SOS was sent 35 miles from Lampedusa.

A 23 year old man was crushed to death. He was found in the wheel-bay of an Iberia passenger plane in Spain.

The past week I have been researching how refugees are treated around Europe and I’ve been trying to find out more about Frontex and their work. I heard many stories about them when traveling in north west Africa, but in Europe no one seem to know them and the governments doesn’t want to talk about them. Frontex is the company that keep unwanted people from entering Europe. Unwanted by who? I ask. No answer. Yet.

I have also been trying to plan my trip to Sudan in December, and I have come to the conclusion that I can’t go this time. Instead I am looking at the possibility of going to Latvia and do my photo-project with the stateless people living in the country. It’s been done many times, but I believe it’s a story that has to keep being told.


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