Back to work.

So, I’ve got one week of work this month. One week of scheduled work that is for a company other than my own. It feels good to have someone telling me when to be working and when not to, when I work for myself it’s often hard to stay focused and it can be hard noticing any progress until an e-mail pops into the mailbox saying “Yes! We are interested and want to buy your article about slavery in Mauritania.” To get there takes a lot of time.

Today’s focuses has been on the meter maids that’s gonna start strolling down the streets of Broby, making people parking their cars on the trottoirs pay. Today has also been about the two year old girl who is threatened by deportation to France – despite the fact her real mother is gone. The young girl is currently living with a foster family here and rumors say her biological mother is threatened. Now the rumors say a lot, and we had some difficulties finding out the truth today. What is really going on? The whole media world of Sweden has been working on the case for the past four or five days.

Friday is my last day or work and after that I will check out my possibilities of going to Jordan next month, or perhaps December.


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