“There you are! Jean-Paulo said he lost you, again” my friend Francesco said as he came up to me in the tram. I had taken a “free hugs” sign and ran after the little group from the flashmob emerging towards the subway. I met some new friends and the three of us departed from the group as we arrived at the right station from where the trams would take us through Milan. But we needed something to drink first.

I keep getting surprised when I’m outside of Sweden every shop sell alcohol. We went inside a normal supermarket and got water, soda and liquor. Then we mixed some drinks before running towards the tram. Though there was no need to run; this is Italy. The tram left an hour later and with music pumping loud, people screaming, sweat dripping and the mood on top we danced our way across Milan in the two trams hired by the couch surfing team.

I’m afraid we missed both the flashmob and the giving away free hugs though, it was two of three things I looked forward to the most this weekend. Next year perhaps.


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