Boys and their manors

I have had many discussions with a good friend about how boys behave towards girls. Especially boys when they are drunk. He gets surprised every time I tell him a new story, and even more when other friends say the same.

After this party I have even more stories to tell him. About guys walking up to random girls biting their neck, or without warning kiss them on the mouth, pinch their bottoms as soon as they get a chance, stand behind and press their bodies tight forcing the girl towards the window.

Maybe it’s just Italy. I have always regarded couch surfers as the sweetest people on earth, and I’m almost changing my mind. Three hundred surfers in the same place might be too much of the good. With a big risk of sounding too negative I do have to get it out of my system.

Well worth mentioning is that this party is awesome, but the tram-party earlier today sort of drained all there is to drain. And I have never seen that many people make out with that many different partners in that short time ever. Impressing.

Now I’m waiting for my flight back home. And no, I haven’t gone to bed yet. 4 more hours, then I can lay down.


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