Full moons

“Tonight is a blue moon” our host said. I looked out the window and saw the big moon, “it’s because it’s the second full moon this month” she said. I suddenly remembered how I calculated my time in Africa by full moons.

My first African full moon I was in the dessert, the second one in the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott. When I in Malawi looked up at my forth full moon I could easily remember the other ones; where I was, what I was feeling, who I was with, what we did and it gave me a perspective on how much time that passed.

Right now we are in Nyborg, just finished a fantastic dinner with homemade hummus, scones, chilli marinated mushrooms and salad. Entering Denmark gave me one of the strongest feelings ever of coming home.

As we entered the country the five Scandinavian flags greeted us welcome home. Home sweet home. Though I could stay in Denmark forever, Nyborg is amazing with all it’s history and sweet people. During the Kalmar union it was even the capital of Sweden.


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