Sharing cars

Random people were standing at the parking with their suitcases, we with our backpacks, waiting for someone to pick them up and drive them to where ever they’re going. A woman was on her way to Berlin, we to Hamburg. Another guy waited for the same car as us: a name found on the internet with a phone number and a short note saying “25 euro, to Hamburg at 8:00”. At eight the driver still hadn’t showed up and we were six people waiting for him. Yes, six. There must be something weird with this guy we said, and as a big blue van drove into the parking we were a bit sceptical. This was not a man who wanted to share his car, this was a man who wanted to make a profit as a cheap taxi.

We screwed the moral and went with him anyway. It was still a tenth of the price of the train, and the knowing that we would get to Flensburg the same day with ease was too appealing.

In Germany this car-sharing is pretty big and a common way of transport. I know some who try in Sweden but it never gets really big.
We shared a car from Bonn to Hamburg today, and another one from Hamburg to Flensburg.Suddenly we are so close to home, and while Emma can’t really wait to be back I am already thinking of moving to France for a while. From the first of October I don’t have anywhere to live anyway.

Now we’re about to have dinner with our host in Flensburg, and tomorrow we have a host in the Danish city Nyborg waiting for us. After that, we are going home. And to the police to report the man from Swiss the other day.


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