We just arrived in Bonn, an within an hour I will meet my long missed South African friend Katherine again. We haven’t seen each other for eight years, but used to study together at Parktown in Johannesburg.

We got here through car-sharing, for 20 euros each Michel brought us all the way from Freiburg. With us in the car was Wolfgang – a man in his fifties with dirty shorts, a big open shirt and bare feet. He had brought his homemade tea from herbs he picked himself and it was one of the best cups of tea I’ve had. Inspiring man that we had not met if it was not for car-sharing.

Michel is an artist and make his own music. When asked what kind he replied “strange music.” He’s working on an album that he wants to release digitally this year. I think I’ve changed my mind about this sharing cars, you Do meet interesting and exciting people that way, somehow I thought you had to hitchhike to reach the excentric ones. But no. We might just car-share tomorrow as well, we have a very long distance to move. Bonn to Flensburg. Wish us luck! The next day might just be home sweet home. If I ever find one.


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