A mental rape

His hand started moving up and down below his belly in short fast movements. At first I thought he was shaking something, but then he pulled down his pants and the whole thing down there was revealed. He masturbated quickly and I urged him to stop right away, “we want to get out now. Here is fine, right here.” We were on the highway outside Basel. “It’s ok, I don’t do anything.” he said and I told Emma to call the police. She handed me the phone and I dialled 112.

Before they answered a parking place came up, the man quickly pulled to the side. The police answered but spoke no English, “und ich spreche kein deutsche.” I said. The police concluded that was a big problem.

As I hung up on the police we ran out of the car and grabbed our bags. Emma took a photo of the car but the driver himself had already gone inside and drove off without even closing the back door. But we did get a photo and as soon as we can we we’ll go to the police office and report him.


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