With 12 old men

Whenever the car hit a bump in the road the old men shouted “oooah!” It echoed between the walls of the mini van. When we reached the highway they applauded and cheered as well as when we passed the carravanettes (is that really a word btw?).
But that is not where our journey began this day.

We hitchhiked with three sisters in their sixties out of Chamonix. The thick clouds hung low between the mountains and we drove right into them as we started the drive down our first mountain in Switzerland. Then, coming close to the edge, we saw the small town of Martigny reveal itself down far below us. The steep hills were decorated by black grapes.

The ladies dropped us by the turn off to Lausanne and not long after did the mini van stop. Inside were twelve old men cheering at us, we stuck our heads inside to see if there really was any space for the two of us. “yes yes! Here is space, and here!” They said, and we decided to squeeze in.


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